Welcome to REMOkey recycle chain administrator.

When you are a partner of REMOkey, you will receive a login code from REMOkey to login to this REMOkey recycle chain administrator.

As recycle chain partner, you fill in your batch-data here and REMOkey returns the verified REMOkey-code for each batch. 

REMOkey assures the batch identification and batch composition throughout the recycle chain.


If you are not yet a recycle chain partner of REMO? Email info@REMOkey.com to join the REMO recycle chain and receive your login information.


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as REMOkey recycle chain partner


For instructions and Help, just login to the REMOkey recycle chain administrator. Click on the Help Note and follow the instructions.

When delivering the final production batch, REMOkey provide the final QR-code and labels to the Brand and we enclose the recycled data table of that specific production batch, garanteed on assured data built up throughout the whole recycle chain. 

When a consumer activates the QR-code, REMOkey ensures he/she jumps to the recycled data table of that specific batch.

The recycle data table provides the numeric insights of each step in the recycling chain, featuring every recycle partner and their specific value added. For each step in the recycling process, the table indicates the savings on water, CO2 and energy. The recycle data table is specific for each final production batch.

< Click on the picture to enlarge and see what the consumer sees when activating the QR-code.

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Assuring the REMOkey-code

For assuring the REMOkey-code 3 main provisions are facilitated by REMOkey. The provisions are reciprocally connected to each other and are:

  1. Transparency in the recycle chain, 
  2. Assurance of the data and the data provision process and the 
  3. Validation of the REMOkey reference data.

ad 1. Transparency in the REMOkey recycle chain

The REMOkey Recycle Administrator is a supply chain information system in which all recycle chain partners have access to all and the same data. Each supply chain partner adds their batch ingredient data for each separate batch to the REMOkey Recycle Administrator. Any other supply chain partner can see all of the data provided by the others and their own. REMOkey Recycle Administrator is completely open and transparent. REMOkey adds the REMOkey-code to each separate batch, in order to transparently building up the REMO-key of the final consumer batch and its REMOkey-code expressing the realized footprint reduction.

ad 2. Assurance of the data and the data provision process

The REMOkey Recycle Administrator as a Share-board application is a highly secured and assured cloud information system compliant with the international security standard ISO27001 and the Dutch standard NEN7510 for health applications. All data mutations by all partners - REMOkey included - are unchangeable logged. The logs can transparently be viewed by all the recycle chain partners. The recycle chain partners are contractually obliged to providing accurate batch data for each separate batch data (composition and ingredients). Possible erroneous batch data will easily be discovered by the succeeding partners in the recycle chain via entrance quality checks. These quality checks are openly and transparently fed back via the REMOkey Recycle Administrator, facilitating an effective social control. Supply chain partner which repeatedly makes mistakes, are black listed and excluded from the REMOkey recycle chain, assuring the long term overall quality. Commissioned by REMOkey - and as desired by final customers - independent local accounting bureaus randomly inspect batches and batch data at the recycle chain partners site, additionally certifying the batch data.

ad 3. Validation of the REMOkey reference data on footprint reduction

The footprint reduction figures (REMOkey-code) for each separate production batch, is - on one hand - based on the REMOkey Reference data and - on the other hand - based on the actual composition/ingredients of each batch in the supply chain. The REMOkey Reference data is set up in a closed collaboration with REMOkey experts and CE-Delft. www.cedelft.eu. CE Delft is an independent research and consultancy organization specialized in developing innovative solutions to environmental problems. Established in 1978 as a not-for-profit organization, CE Delft remains financially independent and unsubsidized to this day. One of the expertise areas of CE Delft is Supply Chain Analysis and life cycle assessments (LCA), for the clothing industry as well. The REMOkey reference data is securely stored in a Share-board domain separately from the REMOkey Recycle Administrator, assuring the integrity of the calculating module and being able to repeat REMOkey-code-calculation of each recycle batch and to be inspected by the final customers or their accounting bureaus.

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